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What We Do As Financial Planners

As Financial Planners we plan for your Financial Freedom.

Financial freedom can be defined as using your encumbered assets to pay for your lifestyle needs without the necessity to work.

So Effectively Financial Planners plan to ensure you don’t run out of money! We have sophisticated financial systems to make this simple for you.

Here is a short video that will provide an insight into what we do!

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We All Go Through a Series of “Transitions” Over The Course of Our Life Journey

While, on your life journey we work with you through the significant changes in your life. Each of these changes will have a fundamental impact on your financial situation and include the likes of:

  • A new job: Usually this will result in an income increase (hopefully!) and possibly also a change in benefits.
  • Marriage: A very significant financial change where you and your other half marry their fortunes together. Also, now your financial goals and needs substantially change.
  • Moving to A New House: A new home usually results in new debt and changed regular expenditure.
  • Children: Apart from the obvious immediate costs, your client’s thoughts will soon turn to increased living costs and future education costs etc.
  • Retirement: A significant financial event as the income tap turns off and it’s time to live off your accumulated savings
  • Death: This could be your client’s death or the death of their spouse or parent. Each of these events will have a significant financial impact.
  • Other events: There are lots of other possible events – buying a holiday home, a significant gift for children, the world tour, winning the lotto or possibly divorce. Whatever event takes place, there will be a significant financial impact.

The point to remember is that every time there’s an event, money moves. Think about it. The question is, have you the right financial planner in place for you to assist with these changes and transitions?

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