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Start Planning For Your Future With Dempsey Financial

Getting Started

Starting the process is simple. We gather some basic facts to build an accurate picture of your financial life. Then we begin working out ways we can optimise and improve it, making recommendations and suggestions as we go along.

You tell us all the problems. You might have made an investment in property that isn’t working out. You may not have enough in your pension or not have a pension at all. Everyone is different, but the important thing is to discover where you are now and then we can work with you on the way forward. It’s important to factor in the what ifs? 

What it I want to build a holiday home abroad?

What if my child wants to study abroad?

What if I leave my partner?

What if I get sick?

They’re just some examples of what we can enter our bespoke software programme and together agree the way forward. This is a conversation. We promise you there will be no nasty surprises in the small print. There will no hard sell. We are in your corner. This is a long-term relationship but we need you to be as committed to achieving your goals as we are. Your plan needs to be reviewed annually at least to make sure we reflect your changing circumstances and so you can stay in control of your financial future. 

It starts, continues and ends with COMMUNICATION. We will sit down and talk to you. We will take a good look inside your financial life; your living expenses, your lifestyle, your mortgage, your hairdressing, your daily coffee, your income, your outgoings, your assets and your debts. This may be uncomfortable but it’s necessary. It won’t be all bad news either, but it is important to be realistic, so you end up financially liberated.

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